Little Stormy the cat

Stormy, the kitten, currently lives with Pusheen, her big sister.

Color: Light gray

Fur: Fluffy

Age: unknown (probably 3-5)

Estimated Stage: Young


Stormy is a light gray colored cat with a slightly fluffy, bumpy coat of fur. She is a self-colored cat, meaning no markings are on her coat. She is a bit small compared to Pusheen, her big sister.

What she eats Edit

Stormy, the kitten, likes to eat normal cat food, unlike her sister Pusheen. Pusheen likes to eat everything in the world like 🍕🌭🍔🥞🍭🍩🍿🍪 and things like that. But as you can see most of those things are junk food!!!!!!!!! :b but stormy likes normal cat food. lololololol

gifs Edit

there are lots of gifs based on these cats . there are so many kawaii gifs

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